ThinkNChange Anticipates Growth Surge With SME Advisory Programme

April 3, 2024 

ThinkNChange, is elated to announce its selection for the Honey Bun Foundation Advisory Programme offered through the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA). 

Renowned for its innovative digital solutions and excellence in business process outsourcing, ThinkChange is a pioneer in optimizing business processes. By participating in this year-long programme, ThinkNChange aims to further refine its business model and contribute significantly to the growth of Jamaica’s SME sector. “We are immensely honored to be selected for the Honey Bun Advisory Programme through the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association. This opportunity not only reflects our commitment to excellence, but also aligns with our mission to drive innovation and transformation in the technology sector. Through this collaboration, we look forward to leveraging the expertise of the three advisors I have been assigned to further enhance our products and services, ultimately delivering greater value to our clients. We believe this partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey and paves the way for groundbreaking achievements in the future,” notes Feroze Hanif, Founder and CEO, ThinkNChange.

The Advisory Programme, known for its strategic approach, matches participating SMEs with a trio of high-level advisors. These experts guide the SMEs over 12 months, utilizing a tailored Strategic Roadmap and specialized templates developed by the foundation, to achieve a specified strategic objective. 

Nashauna Lalah, General Manager of The Honey Bun Foundation, highlighted the importance of the programme in helping the participating SMEs grow. The huge benefits of the programme in 2022 and the achievements of the 2023 cohort, have proven the effectiveness of our Advisory Committee model, and we are thrilled to see it extend to benefit JMEA members such as ThinkNChange.” 

This program is also poised to be a significant catalyst for economic growth, extending its advantages far beyond the immediate participants to stimulate Jamaica’s broader economic landscape. As these small enterprises expand, there is a consequential rise in the demand for skilled labor, underscoring the pivotal role of small businesses in driving economic diversification and resilience.

Kamesha Blake, Executive Director of the (JMEA), articulated the profound impact of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the national economy. “SMEs are the very backbone of our economic framework. Their prosperity is intrinsically linked to the overall economic health of our nation. Therefore, we wholeheartedly endorse any initiatives that bolster SMEs in unlocking their utmost potential.” 

ThinkNChange is enthusiastic about the potential growth and development this partnership will foster, benefiting not only our organization and Jamaica’s SME ecosystem but also contributing positively to the broader economy.