Why Jamaica ?

The worldwide economic forum of global competitiveness ranks Jamaica as the #1 in the Caribbean for graduates' skill set and first in the Caribbean for critical thinking in education. and as a result of this, Jamaica is regarded as a prime business environment. The Global Services Association of Jamaica (GSAJ) and JAMPRO are two other organizations that represent Jamaica's business sector, allowing for quick and easy expansion and onboarding.With increasing figures, such as a 20% rise over the course of five years and 40,000 people employed in BPO services, Jamaica is recognized as the foremost Caribbean nation. Shared Service Centers, Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), and Legal Processing Outsourcing (LPO) in Jamaica are open to development as the country is home to outstanding legal education institutions, including the prestigious Norman Manley Law School.

Jamaica has over 75,000 individuals enrolled in tertiary-level institutions. More than 80 US firms have offices operating in Jamaica

The availability of stable connectivity and the opportunity for Jamaicans to earn technical, professional skills, and certification through the Global Services Sector Project, which makes them fully qualified to work in international digital services.

In relation to the tax relief agreements with international organizations, regulations have been put in place. These laws also include the Special Economic Zone Act, the Data Protection Act, and the Cybercrime Act. and as a result of this, Jamaica is regarded as a prime business environment.

Jamaica is able to adjust to market changes because of its prepared people, communications infrastructure, government assistance, and established legal and cybersecurity standards. By getting in touch with JAMPRO, which ensures that improvement is continual, you can gain access to these outsourcing prospects.